Legal Services for Individuals

The Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson works to provide quality legal representation to working individuals at an affordable price, regardless of your income level.

check_circle Sliding-Scale Rate Structure for Individuals

In order to bring quality legal services to average working families, we have developed the following sliding scale fee structure so that you don’t have to choose between hiring an attorney and paying your bills.

Persons in Household 200% or Below ($75/HR) 300% ($100/HR) 400% ($135/HR) Above 400% ($175/HR)
1 23,760 35,640 47,520 > 47,520
2 32,040 48,060 64,080 > 64,080
3 40,320 60,480 80,640 > 80,640
4 48,600 72,900 97,200 > 97,200
5 56,880 85,320 113,760 > 113,760
6 65,160 97,740 130,320 > 130,320
7 73,460 110,190 146,920 > 146,920
8 81,780 122,670 163,560 > 163,560

Real Estate Law for Individuals and Working Families

The Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson handles a wide range of real estate law issues, including unlawful detainers, easements, neighbor disputes, partition actions, quiet title, zoning compliance and more. When you need real estate advice, we will help you ensure that your decisions are sound and adhere to legal guidelines.

Immigration Law for Individuals and Working Families

Navigating the landscape of Immigration Law can be a challenging feat. At the Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson, we strive to make the petition process as straight forward and navigable as can be. Whether you are seeking a spousal, work, or other immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, we can help you today.


check_circle Additional Legal Services for Individuals and Working Families

In addition to the service mention above, we can assist you in a variety of other matters, including conservatorships, guardianships, simple estate planning (wills and trusts), small claims advisement, powers of attorney, elder abuse and more. To find out more, contact the Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson today.

Practice Areas Not Covered

In order to provide our clients with high quality legal services, the Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson necessarily limits its practice to the practice areas described above. While we currently limit the kinds of probate and estate planning issues handled, we do plan to expand these offerings in the future. However, we do not accept family law or criminal law cases. The main reason for this choice is that there are simply more resources and legal aid available to support family law and criminal law services. Check out our resources page to learn more about legal aid services available in and around Nevada County.

Contact The Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson for Legal Advice in Nevada County

If you live in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, Colfax, Auburn, Yuba City, Roseville, Marysville, Sacramento and the surrounding areas, contact the Law Office of Kyle R. Adamson today.